Sight Words Guide
Sight words are words we want our students to know automatically by sight because they occur so frequently across all subject areas. 


Here are a few ideas for sight word practice:

  • Write the words on sticky notes. Then have your child swat each word with a fly swatter as you name it!

  • Try chanting sight words in a variety of different ways – like a robot, a lion, an alien, a King/Queen, and more!

  • Make a sight word memory game. Write each sight word on two different index cards. Then turn the cards over and invite your child to find the matches.

  • Practice writing sight words using a dry erase marker on a dry erase board OR use crayons, markers, pencils, and paper.

  • Where is the penny/nickel/dime? Write the words on paper cups and hide a coin under some of the cups. Your child guesses where the coins are hiding by naming the words on the cups. They keep the MONEY if they get the words right! 

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