Summer Bridge Activities Book

The Summer Bridge Activities book is a standards-based, teacher recommended program designed to engage students daily with activities in all areas of learning.  Over a 60-day span, your scholar will practice READING, WRITING, MATH, SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES and will engage in FITNESS activities as well.

At the beginning of each month, your child will set a simple learning goal for the month. The pages are numbered Day 1, Day 2, etc.  Students will complete 2 pages per day each month.  Upon completion of each goal, your scholar will earn stickers which are found in the rear of the book.  At the end of your summer learning experience, you will complete the Summer Learning Completion Certificate in the rear of the book and present it to your scholar!

*Please Note: The activities at the beginning of the book may seem easy. Many students will be able to manage the first few activities with little to no assistance.  This strategy will help students build confidence, work independently, and prepare for the more challenging activities as they move along.  The goal, this year, is to review and solidify skills needed to prepare our students for a strong start in the fall and a successful 2020/2021 school year. 

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