Summer Learning Plan

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Congratulations! We are making it through one of the most challenging moments of our history in education.  Without warning, with less than one week to prepare, and no idea of what would happen next, together, we assumed the challenge of school – outside the building. Remote learning began! Paper packets were assembled and sent home with more packets to come as the time away from the building was extended.  We worked our way through Google Classroom, Zoom, ABC Mouse, A to Z Reading, Zearn, Kahn Academy and many more digital platforms. This was not an easy task as many of our families were also navigating through loss of work, childcare needs, financial burdens, sickness, and all the affects of a world-wide pandemic. Through it all, you continued to advocate for your scholar/scholars. You made certain they were engaged in learning whether online, with paper packets, or self-selected activities. You persevered. Your scholar(s) persevered.  The teaching and learning never stopped. We applaud, acknowledge, and appreciate your contributions to our collective work of teaching and learning.

As we proceed into summer break, we must continue to do whatever it takes to keep our students engaged and to make sure they are prepared for next year.  Statistics show that many students return to school after summer vacation at a lower academic level than when they left in June.  The reason for loss of learning is lack of use and/or lack of practice of academic skills. Summer learning loss negatively impacts the way a student begins their academic year, how they compete with peers who have been engaged over the summer, group placement, their grades and ultimately how well prepared they are for statewide testing. 

The GOOD NEWS is…Your scholar does NOT have to lose learning over the summer!  Your scholar can return ready to soar! Research also shows 2-3 hours of practice per week can prevent the loss of learning for our scholars. That averages out to 30-40 minutes per day, Monday-Friday with weekends off – just like school.  That’s a small sacrifice to make to ensure your scholar is at the top of their game in the fall!  In order to support continued learning throughout the summer, we are providing information about the items below on the following pages:

  • a Summer Bridge Activities book

  • grade-level flashcards (included in the book)

  • a list of digital resources, tips, and login information (directly from the teacher)


Thank you, so very much for an amazing school year. Throughout this summer we will work together to keep our future leaders engaged in learning and by preparing them to be their very BEST at the START of 2020-2021 school year! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. Have a safe summer and hope to see you soon!


Furman Staff

Summer Learning Resources

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