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House Teams


The house team names were modeled after the Ron Clark Academy. At the beginning of the year during staff PD week, the teachers divided into groups and researched one of the houses on the Ron Clark Academy website. After researching, each group shared with the entire staff. After all houses were shared, the groups were divided into the three houses that would exist at Furman. The staff members decided as a team which house they would like to be. They listed their top 3 houses. Finally, the staff came together to make the final decisions. It worked out that all floors had chosen different houses as their top house. From then on, the houses were named Sollevare, Altruismo, and Onraka. When the students returned, teachers taught them about all 3 houses, not letting them know which house they were. The houses were revealed to students on September 15th. Each house determined a unique way to unveil their house. The students all erupted with cheers when they found out.

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