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Gifted and Talented Learners

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Scholars participating in the GAL program have been formally identified as gifted, advanced, or talent development learners by the district using a non-verbal ability test (NNAT3) and Amplify or MCAP data.  All scholars in Kindergarten are given the NNAT3 for early identification. In order to qualify for GAL, scholars must score in at least the 73rd percentile on the NNAT3 assessment. GAL scholars receive at least two pull out sessions each week for forty-five minutes and complete lessons and activities in Jacob’s Ladder (reading), M2 or M3 (math), the William and Mary Science Units, and independent learning projects.  


Parents of scholars currently in the GAL program can find out more information and review the district’s resources by accessing the link below: 

Gifted and Talented Learners ( GAL)

Parents who would like to refer their scholar for the GAL program can fill out the referral form, by phone at 443.836.6439 or by email using the form below:

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