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This year we are excited to have a variety of different opportunities for Mental Health Support for our children.  We have added a school Social Emotional Learning Curriculum which will be rolled out to the children the week on 9/10 and will run the entire school-year, we have increased our focus on our school core-values with dedicated time daily to work on the core values and lessons.

We have expanded our school interns from 2 last year to 5 this year to run social skills groups, individual and family counseling sessions as well as referrals for additional wrap around services available to all students.

We have continued our agreement with Villa Maria Expanded School Mental Health to service up to 30 students in need of therapy and psychiatric support.

We have 2 mentoring programs for children in grades 2nd-5th- C&C Advocacy offered to 70 boys and Developing Optimistic Poised Educated Girlz Mentoring program after school on Tuesdays for girls up to 50 girls in grades 3rd-5th.

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If you feel your child is in need of additional mental Health Services you can contact Mrs. Rose (room 207) 410-396-0882 to set up and meeting and referral or using the comment box below:

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