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The mission of Child First is to develop youth and strengthen families by providing high-quality community schools, after-school and summer learning programs that promote academic achievement, social and emotional well-being, and parent leadership.

Child First collaborates with principals, school staff, parents, and students to meet their interests and needs. Child First hires school-based staff to manage and support the program, bringing in outside professionals, such as artists and coaches, whose strengths and interests align with the school community.

Child First employs certified teachers to help coordinate between school-day instruction and after-school supports, with a part-time program coordinator, typically a certified teacher, managing the program.  Child First also employs a certified teacher as a part-time academic coordinator to assess student data and coordinate instruction to better meet the needs of students.

Child First

Saturday School

Furman L. Templeton Preparatory Academy runs a 18 week Saturday school program that offers opportunities for both enrichment/ MCAP preparation in grades 3rd-5th and remediation/ bootcamp in grades K-5th.  The program runs from late October through late April and offers 3 hours of academic instruction as well as 45 of enrichments including art, dance, cooking, DJ class, exercise class and clay/ sculpture class.  Additionally, the children receive monthly incentives for attendance and participation and also get a hot breakfast and hot lunch to take home weekly.  This year we were able to higher 8 teaching staff and 2 support staff and increase our enrollment 75 students.

Children are invited to participate in this program based on their recommendation and the academic or enrichment needs.

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