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Child First Authority

Child First is dedicated to developing youth and strengthening families by providing high-quality community schools, after-school and summer learning programs that promote academic achievement, social and emotional well-being, and parent leadership.

Community schools are an educational, developmental, and community change strategy designed to empower children, youth, and families to realize their goals.


A community school offers a powerful framework for addressing inequities, providing opportunities, and helping students navigate barriers so they can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, and become active participants in our democracy. Community schools are able to perform these important roles by:

Organizing community resources

Organizing community resources in a school setting to provide opportunities and services

Working Together

Ensuring everybody in the school—youth, teachers, principals, and families and community partners—have a voice, work together, and share accountability for student success

No Limits

Believing in and setting high expectations for every child

Our Community

Building on community strengths and embracing diversity

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