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Intervention Team


Ms. Benton

Lead Interventionist

GAL Kindergarten- 5th Grade


Ms. Gitters

2nd Grade Interventionist



1st Grade Interventionist



4th Grade Interventionist


Ms. R. Baylor

5th Grade Interventionist

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The intervention program at FLT was created in 2014 to provide academic support for our struggling, advanced, and gifted scholars.  For this school year, the intervention program received a major overhaul to meet the changing needs of our school.  We now have five part-time interventionists that service the scholars who struggle in grades K through 5 and one full-time lead interventionist that services the Gifted and Advanced Learners (GAL).  The Pre-K and Kindergarten Paraprofessionals also provide interventions for the scholars in their classes. 

Scholars who struggle are pulled out of their regular classroom for forty minutes each day for support in reading using SPIRE or math using focusMATH.  Previously scholars were only pulled out two days a week for support.  The goal of the increased amount of support is to have a larger impact on scholar growth and performance.  Reading Partners continues to be part of our intervention program.  Scholars that participate in Reading Partners receive forty-minute pull out sessions twice per week and complete the lessons from their program.


Scholars are identified for intervention based upon their performance on the baseline assessments given at the beginning of the school year.   Scholars with the greatest need are placed in intervention groups.  However, due to the limited number of spots and the intense nature of the intervention programs, scholars with poor attendance are not considered for participation in the intervention program.  Scholars will be added to the intervention program throughout the year if space allows using classroom performance and i-Ready data.    Parents that have concerns about their scholar’s progress should first contact their scholar’s teacher, and then request a Student Support Team (SST) meeting.

Intervention Team

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