5th Grade


Ms. Bedford-Hill

5th Grade Teacher

The Reginald F. Lewis House of Perseverance is off to a wonderful start!!  The scholars are excited to start their day and each of us (Ms. Brown, Ms. Sallie, Mr. V., Ms. Zoeller, Mr. Street, Dr. Stewart, Ms. Goodwin, Mr. McGurl, Mrs. Dufore, and Mrs. Hill) are excited to see them each day. Teaching and learning is the primary goal for all of us.  We are committed to providing a quality education for each and every scholar.  Our academic goal this year is to see each scholar grow at least one grade level.  Our attendance goal is to have classes achieve perfect attendance for at least 20 days per month.   We have a display in the showcase at the top of the steps which will highlight each classes' attendance.  Scholars must be in their classroom by 7:55 a.m. to be counted as having perfect attendance for that day.  Each class that achieves perfect attendance will receive a sticker.  After the class reaches a specific benchmark, they will receive a prize.  Please help us win by ensuring your scholar is on time each day.  We are looking forward to the great things the Reginald F. Lewis House of Perseverance is going to achieve this year.

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