Ms. Brock

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


Ms. Clark

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


Ms.E. Brown




Ms. Jones


Para Educator


Ms. Howard


Para Educator

Pre-Kindergarten is the most important year of your child’s education! During this school year your child will develop a life-long love of learning. While in Pre-K your child’s teacher will be Ms. Brock and Ms. Clark. They will also be taught by our great team of paraeducators, Ms. Brown, Ms. Howard, and Ms. Jones. By the end of the year your child will be able to recognize letters and letter sounds, identify at least 20 sight words, and write 1-3 sentences. In mathematics, your child will be able to recognize numbers and count to at least 20, identify shapes, sort, and compare using words such as tall/short and big/small. They will also be able to do simple addition and subtraction problems. Let’s work together to make Pre-K the best year for you and your scholar!

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The Pre-K Team

Ms. Brock's Virtual  Class

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